English Speaking Day
Date:   14th March, 2018 (Wed)
Theme:   Celebrities
Participants:   S.1 – S.5 students
Date Activities
8th March Whole School Morning Reading
  • All students were given reading materials about the pros and cons of being a celebrity.
12th March S. 1 Morning Discussion
- With the guidance of English Ambassadors and attache’, the S.1 students conducted group discussion.
14th March Morning assembly
  • The NET introduced the theme and briefed students the activities of the day.
Whole Day
  • Students did interview and individual response in the corridor and covered playground.

Morning discussion in S.1 classrooms English Ambassadors coaching S.1 students in morning discussion Teachers and English Ambassadors greeting schoolmates at the entrance in the morning Principal Lau encouraged students to take the intiatives to speak English on English Speaking Day.
Our NET, Mr. Kasseris, introduced the origin of the word 'celebrity' and inspired students to think about the pros and cons of being a famous person. Ms. Woo was surrounded by junior interiewers. Students interviewed each other to complete the interview forms. English Ambassadors and attaches were proud to carry out the 'missions' - speaking English with the junior forms.
Our English teacher, Mr. Ho, was interviewed by the S.2 students. Students were reminded of their 'Big Day' - English Speaking Day with the banner in the corridor. S.5 students sharing about the celebrity that influnces them most with their English teacher. Two S.5 students were sharing with Mrs. Lai the celebrity that influenced them most.
Students enjoyed talking to our English teachers. Mr K's Cafe is popular among students. A student was doing one-minute response with Mr. Kasseris to earn lottery tickets. Students seized the opportunities to sharpen their English speaking skills at Mr. K's cafe.
The lucky student receiving the grand prize of the English Speaking Day from our vice principal Ms Shi. Posters are posted on the campus to give students more input for the English Speaking Day. Posters are posted in the corridor to give students more input for the English Speaking Day.  



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