2nd English Speaking Day 2019
Date:   13 March 2019 (Wed)
Theme:   Healthy Lifestyle

The second English Speaking Day was held on 13 March and the theme was “Healthy Lifestyle”. The English Speaking Day was preceded by preparatory reading sessions together with two consecutive morning assemblies in which the topic was discussed.  In order to allow students to have a better understanding of the theme, all students were given one of the two (Junior or Senior Form) sets of reading materials during the morning reading session on 7 March.

On 13 March, all S.1 and S.2 students were required to take part in the activities held in the School Hall from 12:25-1:05p.m.  Most students actively participated in the game booth activities as well as the English speaking practice with our Principal, Vice-Principals, teachers and their fellow schoolmates.  Students found the topics, readings and activities such as the Quizlet and Kahoot Game informative yet entertaining.  It is believed that the second English Speaking Day was a great success.

Prize Presentation Ceremony during the morning assembly on 20 March 2019
Grand Prize Second Prize Third Prize  

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