English Society (2015-2016)

  Class Class No. Name
Chairman: 5H 23 Li Tsz Ching
Vice Chairman: 5H 25 Pang Wing Yan
Committee Members: 5H 1 Chan Hoi Yan
  5H 27 Sabagia Sara
  5S 3 Chan Sin Hok
  5H 6 Chiu Yuk Wun
  5H 22 Li Siu Ki
  5H 38 Zhao Wenfei
  5T 5 Chan Yin King



Toastmasters at HKU

Date:  April 9, 2016 (Saturday)
Time:  9:00a.m.-12:30a.m.
Venue: The University of Hong Kong

Details:  The last meeting of the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Programme was held in the University of Hong Kong.  Students toured around the campus and then had sharing, debates and competition there.



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