English Society

  Class Class No. Name
Chairman: 5H 10 Hui Tsz Hong
Vice Chairman: 5H 30 Tai Yuen Ching
Committee Members: 4H 1 Chan Chun Chuen
  4H 7 Choi Tsun Ki
  4H 11 Hsu Yen Ting
  4H 19 Leung Pak Yeung Timeus
  4H 27 Wong Chun Fai
  4H 33 Yiu Chak Him
  5H 17 Lau Hiu Wang
  5H 21 Lee I Ling
  5H 24 Li Yuan Ho
  5H 25 Lo Ching Yin
  5M 15 Leung Suet Ching


Activities (17-18)


Past activities

Toastmasters at HKU

Date:  April 9, 2016 (Saturday)
Time:  9:00a.m.-12:30a.m.
Venue: The University of Hong Kong

Details:  The last meeting of the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Programme was held in the University of Hong Kong.  Students toured around the campus and then had sharing, debates and competition there.



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