1. This program renews our commitment to the teaching of English, not merely as an academic examination subject, but also as a tool of communicating with the outside world, a medium of pursuing knowledge, a valuable asset in working life and a means of seeking pleasure and entertainment.
    2. It continues to aim to provide students with assistance in acquiring the four basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking for developing proficiency in English.

Targets of this year:

(A) Major Concerns

Strategies Work Success
 Assessment Duration/time  Teacher(s)
  1. To implement exchange programs, enrich students’ learning experience and widen their horizon

-Encourage students to participate in activities and competitions outside school

-Speech Festival (S1 to S5)

-S4/S5 Joint-school Oral Practices

-S6 Joint-school Oral Practice

-At least 20 students  joined the Speech Festival

-At least 40 S4 and S5 students has gone to the Practice at least once in the year

-Each S6 student has gone to the Inter-school Oral Practice for at least once in the year

From data

Check record

Whole year

English teachers

  1. To improve the leadership training in Senior Forms and to further develop the caring atmosphere among students on campus

Conduct activities for junior forms with the help of English Ambassadors

At least 60% of the English Ambassadors helped in the activities throughout the year

Check record

Whole year

English teachers

  1. To conduct courses to cater for learners’ diversity and enhance their learning ability

Conduct Remedial Courses and Enhancement Courses to upgrade students’ English standard

Attendance rate is more than 80%

Check record

Whole year

English teachers

  1. To cultivate students’ reading habits and promote Extensive Reading

1. Morning Reading Session on Thursday mornings

2. Online reading of TV news / news

1. Over 70% of students read at least 2 books a year

2. S1-S5 students read online news at least once biweekly

Teachers’ observation, record

Whole year

English teachers

  1. Enhance teachers’ knowledge in IT so as to improve the effectiveness in teaching

-encourage teachers to enroll in IT courses

-encourage teachers to apply IT in their teaching, design online materials and use the online form in their teaching

Each teacher should have at least joined one IT workshop

-Inspect teachers’ record of continuous learning
-Class visit

Whole year

HoD and subject teachers

  1. To use the  resources outside school in order to cater for learners’ diversity and enhance students’ability to learn

-Participate in S2 Cross-subject Project. To enhance students’ collaboration and generic skills through helping them join the Studies Skills Workshops and leading them to do the project.

-To enhance S2 students’ English literacy through multi-modality (SEED project)

-Subject teachers lead students to finish the project.



-Each S2 student should create a multi-modal text

-Inspect students’ work and teachers’ observation


- Inspect students’ work and teachers’ observation

Whole year

HoD and subject teachers

  1. To employ e-teaching in English & enhance Self-Learning

e-teaching will be tried out in S2

S.2 English teachers have some experience of conducting e-teaching in class in both terms

Teachers’ self-evaluation

Whole year

S.2 English teachers

(B) English Teaching

Strategies Work Success
 Assessment Duration/time  Teacher(s)
  1. To create an English learning atmosphere for students

1.Organize English Speaking Days with the help of English teachers and English Ambassadors

2. Hold weekly English Morning Assembly (Wed)

3. Organize English activities inside and outside the classroom

1. At least half of the junior form students have the chance to interact with Senior Form students in English (Eng. Ambassadors) at least three times a year

2. Students show interest in the activities

Observe the Students’ participation

Whole year

English teachers

  1. To improve students’ critical thinking and discussion skills through Group Interaction

Conduct Group Interaction of Social Issues for S.6 & S.5 students on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (8:15am to 8:40am)

Students are able to contribute and express sensible comments verbally on social issues. Students are more confident in speaking English

Observation and Results of the Speaking Paper

Whole year

English teachers

  1. To enhance learning and upgrade the English standard

Employ different teaching pedagogies

Average pass rate of internal exams will reach the following targets:
1. S.1-3:
CMI classes – 65%
EMI classes – 85%
2. S.4 – S.6: 85%

Results of Yearly Exam & Mock Exam

Whole year

English teachers

  1. To support weak students in learning English through collaborative learning

Implement Collaborative Learning in S.1 classes

Improvement shown in tests and exams

Results of tests and exams

Whole year

S.1 English teachers

  1. To streamline the curriculum of Junior Levels and strengthen students’ language abilities in understanding Language Arts

To tailor-make the junior English curriculum by introducing Language Arts in Junior Levels:
S.1 – Drama & Short Stories
S.2 – Poems & Songs

Students show interest in learning English

Observation by teachers and performance of students

Whole year

S.1 & S.2 English teachers


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