1. This program renews our commitment to the teaching of English, not merely as an academic examination subject, but also as a tool of communicating with the outside world, a medium of pursuing knowledge, a valuable asset in working life and a means of seeking pleasure and entertainment.
    2. It continues to aim to provide students with assistance in acquiring the four basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking for developing proficiency in English.

Team Members:

Ms Wong Siu Han (Senior Panel Head)
Ms Chu Tik Siu (Junior Panel Head)
Mrs. Shiu Lau Ching Yung
Ms Leung Ka Man
Ms Young Pui Fong
Mrs. Lai Chan Ching Yan
Mr. Ho Kwan Cheong
Ms Tso Yuk Ling
Ms Ho Ka Yee
Ms Lee Ka Yin
Mr. Jason Kasseris
Ms Lee Qichen

Targets of this year:

(A) Major Concerns

Strategies Work Success
 Assessment Duration/time  Teacher(s)
  1. To enrich students' learning experience outside classrooms

Encourage students to participate activities and competitions outside school

At least 10% of the students have such experience

Check records

Whole year

English teachers

  1. To train senior form students to be English Ambassadors to help junior form students

Conduct activities for junior forms with the help of English Ambassadors

75% of the English Ambassadors helped in activities

Check record

Whole year

English teachers

  1. To help S.5 & 6 students understand their standard with reference to DSE levels

Subject teachers help students predict their
DSE levels

At least 70% teachers and students think that it helps them upgrade their standards

Observe students’ learning attitude and their results

Beginning and end of term

Subject teachers

  1. To share good works of students

Display students’ good works on e classroom or bulletin boards

Twice a year

The works of each level to be displayed once in a year

Whole year

English teachers

  1. To conduct courses to cater for learning diversity

Conduct remedial courses and enhancement courses to upgrade their English standard

70% of the participating students show improvement in their test or examination results

Test or exam results

Whole year

English teachers

  1. To tailor-make the junior English curriculum

Streamline the curriculum of  Junior levels

Reach the targeted


Whole year

S.1 & S.2 English teachers

  1. To help students learn in the medium of English

To support LAC teaching in Humanities

S.1 Students can learn Geography better through English

Test or exam results of  S.1 Geography

Whole year


  1. Strengthen students’ language abilities in understanding language arts

Introduce language arts in junior levels:
S.1 – Drama & Short Stories
S.2 – Poems & Songs

Students show interest in learning English

Observation and performance

Whole year

S.1 & S.2 English teachers

  1. To cultivate students’ reading habits and promote extensive reading

1.Reading session on Thursday mornings
2. Online reading of TV news

1. Over 90% of students read at least 4 books a year
2. All students read online news at least once a week

Survey & reports from HKeducity

Whole year

English teachers

  1. To employ e teaching in English & enhance self-learning

eteaching will be tried out in S.2

All S.2 English teachers have the experience of conducting
e teaching in class in both terms

Peer observation

Whole year

Mr. Ho KC & S.2 English teachers

(B) English teaching

Strategies Work Success
 Assessment Duration/time  Teacher(s)
  1. To create an English learning atmosphere for students

1.Organize English speaking days with the help of English teachers and English Ambassadors
2. Hold weekly English morning assemblies
3. Decorate the campus with more English posters
4. Organize English activities inside and outside classroom

1. Over 50% of junior form students have interaction with senior form students in English at least twice a term
2. Students show interest in the activities

Students’ participation

Whole year

English teachers

  1. To improve students’ critical thinking and discussion skills through group interaction

Conduct Group Interaction of Social Issues for S.6 & S.5 students on  Tuesday and Thursday mornings

Students are able to contribute and express sensible comments verbally on social issues

Observation and results of speaking examination

Whole year

English teachers

  1. To enhance learning and upgrade the English standard

Employ different teaching pedagogies

Average pass rate of internal exams will reach the following targets:
1. S.1-3:
CMI classes – 70%
EMI classes – 95%
2. S.4 – S.6: 85%

Results of Yearly Exam & Mock Exam

Whole year

English teachers

  1. To support weak students in learning English through collaborative learning

Implement Collaborative Learning in S.1 classes

Improvement shown in tests and exams

Results of tests and exams

Whole year

S.1 English teachers


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